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A diagnostic biomarker profile for fibromyalgia syndrome based on an NMR metabolomics study of selected patients and controls +Afrique du Sud  +
A novel quantitative PCR detects Babesia infection in patients not identified by currently available non-nucleic acid amplification tests +Babesia  +, Babésia Microti  +
Babesia microti Infection Changes Host Spleen Architecture and Is Cleared by a Th1 Immune Response +Babesia  +, Babésia Microti  +
Babesiosis Treatment & Management +Babesia  +, Babésia Microti  +
Borrelia Diversity and Co-infection with Other Tick Borne Pathogens in Ticks +Babesia  +, Tiques  +, Bartonella  +,
Clinical and Molecular Evidence of Atovaquone and Azithromycin Resistance in Relapsed Babesia microti Infection Associated With Rituximab and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia +Babesia  +, Babésia Microti  +
Co-infection of Ticks: The Rule Rather Than the Exception +Tiques  +, Babesia  +, Borrelia  +,
Efficacy and Safety of Fosmidomycin–Piperaquine as Nonartemisinin-Based Combination Therapy for Uncomplicated Falciparum Malaria: A Single-Arm, Age De-escalation Proof-of-Concept Study in Gabon +Plasmodium  +
Fibromyalgia Syndrome: A Metabolic Approach Grounded in Biochemistry for the Remission of Symptoms +Fructose  +, Alimentation  +, Sérotonine  +,
Infections and Childhood Psychiatric Disorders: Tick-Borne Illness and Bipolar Disorder in Youth +Babesia  +, Bartonella  +, Borrelia  +,
Post-Babesiosis Warm Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia +Babesia  +, Babésia Microti  +, Maladie auto-immune  +
Respiratory alkalosis may impair the production of vitamin D and lead to significant morbidity, including the fibromyalgia syndrome +Hyperventilation  +, Stress  +
Screening of patient blood samples for babesiosis using enzymatic assays +Babesia  +, Babésia Microti  +
Une bactérie responsable de maladies inflammatoires +Ruminococcus gnavus  +
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